secunet Security Networks AG: Annual General Meeting 2020

Attendance at the Annual General Meeting, which was conducted as a virtual meeting on the basis of the German Act to Mitigate the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic (COVID-19 AuswBekG), was 81% of the share capital. Approval of the items on the agenda was more than 99% in each case. The resolution on the appropriation of profits, which provides for the distribution of a regular dividend of 1.56 euros per no-par value share entitled to a dividend (previous year: regular dividend of 1.13 euros and special dividend of 0.91 euros), was approved with 99.99% of the votes.

“The financial year 2019 was an excellent year: for the sixth year in a row, we achieved record results in both sales revenues and EBIT. With the increasing regular dividend, our shareholders are also participating in this development", says Axel Deininger, CEO of secunet Security Networks AG.

In his speech, Axel Deininger also confirmed the forecast published on 17 June 2020 for the current financial year 2020, which provides for sales revenues of 270 million euros and earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of 48 million euros: "The increase in home-based work in the wake of the coronavirus crisis has clearly demonstrated the importance and necessity of secure mobile workplaces. secunet, as a provider of high-quality and trustworthy cyber security, is a well-positioned and sought-after solution partner for this. In particular, the pent-up demand for mobile workplaces among public-sector customers continues to create high demand.

The voting results of the Annual General Meeting are available on the company’s website under The Company / Investor Relations / Annual General Meeting. Next date in the financial calendar: Publication of the Half-year Financial Report as at 30 June 2020, on 12 August 2020.



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