secunet joins NICTA to deliver highly secure computing

There is a growing demand for highly secure computing systems that can keep various categories of data strictly separated, preventing unauthorised information crossover between domains. The highly demanding government and defence environments require increasingly strong evidence of the correct and secure operation of their IT products. A component-based design enables the rigorous demonstration of essential security properties. NICTA's extensive experience in formal verification has the potential to accelerate the process of formally proving secunet's critical real-world components.

“secunet is an established player in the security space, with cutting-edge technology which can benefit from our verification methodology. The partnership will help drive our research and help deploy commercially relevant outcomes in the real world,” said Prof Gernot Heiser, Leader of NICTA's Software Systems research group.

Dr Kai Martius, Head of secunet's High Security Business Unit said: “secunet has a long track record in high-assurance system design. We recognised NICTA's activities in operating systems (OS) research and formal methods and have been following them with huge interest. We are sure that the next generation of high-assurance systems will rely heavily on separation technologies and the efficient use of formal methods to support evaluation and increase trustworthiness. We really appreciate this collaboration with NICTA.”