secunet cooperates with Freescale on automotive high-security solutions

Internet connectivity in new cars introduces new threats not known in offline cars. With these new threats in mind, secunet has developed reliable protection for the vehicle’s onboard network: The Application Control Unit (ACU). The solution detects attacks in the vehicle and neutralises their impact. Automotive-specific monitors detect attacks at application layer and actively keep them away from the vehicle’s onboard network.

Combining the security features is Freescale’s i.MX applications processor technology with secunet’s ACU provides connected cars with necessary hardware supported countermeasures. For the first time OEMs can realise different security levels on the same hardware platform. The solution is also a safe investment due to the fact, that it is updateable and minimizes cost for new security concepts when new applications are rolled out. Thus, OEMs get the freedom to create new innovative Automotive-Apps independent from automotive development life cycles. 

"The secunet Application Control Unit helps our customers focused on information security integrate external networking into in-vehicle-infotainment and telematics systems,” said Bernd Lienhard, Vice President and General Manager, Multimedia Applications Division, Freescale. “Freescale is pleased that secunet’s Application Control Unit (ACU) solution for current and upcoming versions of i.MX processors is available for our shared customers." 

Thomas Koelzer, member of the board of management, secunet Security Networks AG said, “secunet is dedicated to secure the new generation of connected cars; with Freescale i.MX processors we have a strong technology to go beyond software security.”