secunet at CeBIT 2009: Together with strong partners

The IT security competence of secunet has been integrated into many everyday applications. These were often implemented in conjunction with experienced partners. Three of the solutions incorporating the expertise of secunet will be on display at CeBIT 2009.
InterComponentWare AG (ICW) uses secunet’s security technology in its Healthcare Connector. The ICW Healthcare Connector based on SINA for the infrastructure of the electronic health card uses the secunet network connector.
The Regional Tax Authority of Bavaria (BayLfSt) has devised and implemented the entire concept of the ELSTER electronic tax return. secunet has been working with BayLfSt for a long time and provides the ELSTER project with support for all IT security issues.
Together with Speed Identity AB from Stockholm, Intraproc GmbH develops terminals for the live input of biometric data, e.g. for e-passports. The input terminals interact superbly with the biometric middleware secunet biomiddle. Automatic verification and direct transfer of digital image data simplifies and accelerates application entry in the Citizen’s Registration Office.