secunet and Mellanox Develop High Performance Layer 3 Encryption Solution

Based on load distribution from the main CPU onto the network adapter (IPsec Offloading), the system achieves performance values exceeding the previous capacity of the SINA L3 Box S by a factor of 20.
The Mellanox Innova IPsec adapter addresses the growing need for security and “encryption by default”. The Innova IPsec adapter offers multiple integrated crypto and security protocols and performs the encryption of data-in-motion, freeing up costly CPU cycles.

secunet showcases during CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany, a prototype system that already reaches a throughput of 200 GBit/s. Networks with large data volumes and data centers will significantly benefit from this new solution. In the course of the joined development, secunet and Mellanox integrated the Innova IPsec network adapter into the Linux kernel.

secunet combines its 20 years of experience in the IT security sector with the intelligent interconnect technology from Israel-based semiconductor manufacturer Mellanox, who is delivering high speed components for demanding networks since more than 18 years.

"secunet follows with this joined development initiative the recommendations of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, the German Federal Office for Information Security and the German Ministry of Defense, by partnering with international corporations in the field of high security", explains Dr. Rainer Baumgart, CEO of secunet Security Networks AG, the cooperation with Mellanox.

"The exponential growth of data and the need to secure data everywhere, along with the ability to secure and protect data in transit to and from the data center, demands the most scalable and efficient interconnect solutions”, said Eyal Waldman, President and CEO of Mellanox Technologies. “The powerful combination of secunet and Mellanox cyber security competencies are building the foundation for new solutions in the security market."