secunet and Dataphone unveil the first iPhone App for electronic ID checks

In a matter of seconds, the secunet bocoa software application reads the data from the RFID chip of the electronic ID document and clearly displays document check results on the smartphone. The app is based on the proven secunet biomiddle platform, which allows a flexible integration of the verification processes as well as software and hardware components via standard interfaces. In addition to the already existing version for the mobile operating system Android, secunet bocoa is now also available for iOS.

The hardware for the new iOS-based solution is provided by secunet’s partner Dataphone, an international company based in Switzerland. Dataphone develops innovative and reliable mobile soft- and hardware solutions for warehouse management, transport and retail. Mobile scanners are used across the entire supply chain, which - thanks to smart engineering - significantly increases efficiency.

For the iOS-based solution to perform identity checks, Dataphone provides the necessary innovative hardware sleeve including NFC module and spare battery. Combined with the appropriate certificates, smartphone sleeves from the Linea Pro series make it possible to read and subsequently also check the RFID chips contained in eID documents (e.g. ID cards, passports, residence permits).

The iOS-based secunet bocoa app and Dataphone sleeve can be used for mobile identity checks. With Android and iOS, secunet bocoa now supports the two most common operating systems for smartphones.