PDV-Systeme and secunet Step Up Their Collaboration: Public ECM Platform VIS-Suite Becomes Suitable for the Processing of Classified Information

Integration of secunet’s SINA Workflow solution into the VIS-Suite public ECM platform from PDV-Systeme is planned in order to process classified documents. The benefit of this is that it will enable classified documents to be processed within a separate security environment (classified information (VS) environment).

The user will be able to register their documents on a “need-to-know” basis, process them in workflows, and issue co-signatures to other participants using the same secure environment. From the time of security classification onward, the relevant documents are available in the classified material repositories in encrypted format.

The joint solution can be used within public authorities, organisations, and companies with standard workplaces, and within a separated environment, and at businesses that use the SINA Workstation which is approved for the German secrecy level VS-NfD.