New SINA Virtual Workstation B from secunet receives BSI certification for VS-NfD

[The national certification includes the NATO RESTRICTED certification. When used in Germany, EU data classified as RESTREINT UE can also be processed and transferred. In addition to the new “B” product line, the time-tested SINA Virtual Workstation, whose name will now have an “s” added to it, is also still around. It is suitable for use in the area of high security and certified by the BSI up to the CONFIDENTIAL classification level for classified information.
The SINA Virtual Workstation B is bundled with notebook hardware, SINA authentication token and preinstalled SINA software and is currently available.
The security philosophy incorporated into the SINA Virtual Workstation is based on the complete encapsulation of all components that come into contact with sensitive data. The secure SINA Linux operating system and an encrypted file system form this basis. Virtualization allows all guest operating systems including application software to be operated. The data is protected against unauthorized access if the computer is lost or stolen. The SINA Virtual Workstation B thus rounds out the SINA product family for secure, encrypted transfer and storage of data.