Minister of the Interior de Maizière visits secunet at ISSE 2010

The IT security landscape in Germany is characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises that specialize in high-quality IT security products and solutions, for example for encrypted data transmission. Manufacturers have to make enormous efforts to ensure that they will be able to continue providing a comprehensive product offering in the future.

"German IT security providers deliver high-quality solutions to national customers, such as the German Armed Forces and security agencies. To ensure that this expertise stays in the country, we rely on a long-term strategy from the Federal Government," explained secunet CEO Dr. Rainer Baumgart at ISSE.

Together with the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, secunet Security Networks AG and Rohde & Schwarz SIT develop products and solutions for communication in confidential areas of German authorities. These include secunet's SINA product family and the secunet Connector, as well as the Rohde & Schwarz SIT appliance families TopSec, Elcrodat and SITLine.