CeBIT 2010: secunet is showcasing its new firewall, data loss prevention and biometrics solutions

The new secunet wall 2 is the first all-in-one appliance from secunet. Web, network and e-mail security are packaged together in one device. By combining the security components, the secunet wall 2 provides extensive protection. The management system is user-friendly and is easily controlled via a shared web interface.

A new component has been added to secunet’s biometrics range: the secunet eID PKI Suite forms the basis for secure access to data in eIDs, for example the new ID card. In addition, the biometrics solutions Golden Reader Tool Platinum Edition, for reading sovereign documents, and the biometric middleware secunet biomiddle will also be presented at CeBIT. secunet biomiddle is used for example in the EasyPASS project for semi-automated border control at Frankfurt airport.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is another focal point at the trade fair. DLP systems prevent the uncontrolled outflow of data within companies. They provide more than just encryption or authorization management. A DLP system monitors all activities of data classified as sensitive, such as customer data, research results or drafts in corporate networks – regardless of the systems, data storage units and terminals that contain the data. As a result, every action with this data is registered by the system and, in the event of rule breaches, the action is suppressed or an alarm is triggered.

At CeBIT, secunet will also be presenting its product range for the secure inter-network architecture SINA: gateways, line encryptors, different clients and a management system for secure processing, storage and transfer of classified information as well as other sensitive data. All components have been used for many years by authorities, armed forces and companies holding classified information.

secunet will be present at CeBIT from March 2 to 6, 2010 at Hannover Messe, Hall 11, Stand D45.