Biometrics on mobile plattforms: secunet at the 11th German IT security congress

For the biometrics and eID sector, Dr. Sibylle Hick will give a talk at the congress about the electronic ID card – usage of a modern infrastructure component. In the series of lectures on cryptography, Dr. Johannes Merkle, cryptologist and PKI expert, will explain a new standard for elliptic curves together with Dr. Manfred Lochter from the BSI's competence area of cryptology. Marco Breitenstein, head of the department of biometrics and eID, will talk about the usage of biometrics on mobile platforms together with Markus Nuppeney, expert for sovereign documents and electronic ID cards at the BSI.
The topic of biometrics on mobile platforms is also at the forefront of the secunet appearance in the accompanying exhibition. secunet will be showing a mobile identification scenario with an exemplary border check, using the so-called secunet biomiddle solution.
The second secunet focus at the exhibition will be the high-security solution SINA. The secure inter-network architecture (SINA) enables secure processing, saving and transmission of classified information. The components SINA L2, SINA Virtual Workstation and SINA Box 1000, all from the SINA product family, will be presented at the IT Security Congress.