100% EES-ready

New easykiosk offers modern design and full-scale security

The new generation of the secunet easykiosk provides optimised passenger flows and highest security levels for the deployment at land, air and sea borders.

Using secunet easykiosk during border control procedures passengers have already been able to enter their data quickly, conveniently and securely. The self-service systems handle initial time-consuming process steps, such as the collection and authentication of passport data, capturing of biometric data, and completion of inbound questionnaires. This relieves the stationary border control, leads to clearly optimised checks and consequently to shorter waiting times in front of the counter. In Europe, this is becoming particularly relevant in preparation for the introduction of the entry/exit system (EES), which is expected to lead to considerably more lengthy control processes for third-country nationals (TCNs). When entering the Schengen area for the first time they will then be registered in the central EES at border control, which will require their face and fingerprints to be captured.

The time saving, if the passenger performs the data capture in advance, almost fully compensates for the expected additional work. Although the underlying process is rather complex and elaborate, the handling for the passenger is very simple and convenient – contributing to a solely positive user experience. The intuitive user interface of the new secunet easykiosk is complemented by advanced security mechanisms, and a significantly improved design:

The easykiosk supports all requirements for high quality capture of facial images, and always delivers them in accordance with ISO requirements and with the EU regulation. This is ensured by the integrated camera, which automatically adjusts its height to that of the passenger. Handling errors are thus virtually eliminated.  The easykiosk is further equipped with the latest mechanisms to protect against circumvention attempts: Border control officers can use cameras to monitor what is happening at the device and thus ensure that the biometric data really belongs to the respective traveller. Additional sensors prevent possible attacks against the system through forged facial images and/or fingerprints (Presentation Attack Detection, PAD).

All in all, the advanced security functions provide a highly reliable device for border control. Despite facing considerable additional workloads through the EES as well as increasing passenger volumes, the use of the easykiosk for pre-registration allows security organisations to focus on their official border control tasks – in particular, on cases requiring further inspection.

The new and contemporary design of the secunet easykiosk accommodates especially airports: It has a small footprint and contributes to a modern, appealing atmosphere. Thus, it provides the perfect balance between full compliance with strict technical requirements for image quality – which is reliably high and demonstrably better than comparable products – and, accommodating space restrictions in border control and airport scenarios. Both, large and small airports can take advantage of efficient passenger processes, the resulting timesavings and fully satisfied travellers.