Jörg Marx

  • Member of the Supervisory Board since May 2019
  • Representative of the employees


  • Member of the Technology and Innovation Committee since July 2021

Other directorships

  • No other directorships

Curriculum vitae

Jörg Marx holds a degree in computer science and joined secunet Security Networks AG in 1999. As an information security consultant and developer, he gained experience in designing solutions and sophisticated products for IT security in industry and in the public sector environment. His technical focus is on the areas of system security, IP networks, IPsec and Linux.

After holding other positions in SINA product development, he was given responsibility for the SINA development area in 2012 and thus for the personnel and technical responsibility for currently around 50 developers.

Marx knows the development process from many years of personal experience. His values are appreciative and fair dealings with each other, clear communication and technically good development work for products that meet customers' expectations. As part of the first election for employee representatives on the Supervisory Board of secunet Security Networks AG in March 2019, he was given one of the two employee representative mandates.