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Admin Hacker or Forensic Readiness training

Admin Hacker or Forensic Readiness training

What is the secret to good training? For certain, the most important things are an exciting subject, successful transfer of knowledge, and an expert trainer. These are exactly what we offer at our secunet events.  

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In sessions conceived specifically as “training” and not as “schooling”, secunet offers a special kind of knowledge transfer: At secunet training sessions, we don’t just have a lecturer standing up in front, spouting out information impersonally, like you find in most schooling events. At secunet, we have decided instead to make our events highly interactive. We believe that participants learn best when – like in football training – they get the chance to control the ball and try shooting goals for themselves.

Working on their own USB-bootable laptop with an Ethernet interface (for in-person training) or via VPN and remote desktop (for remote training), the participants therefore get to apply the knowledge they gain from the class live in a “sandbox” laboratory environment provided by secunet. Should any problems arise during the practical exercises, there is always one trainer for every 6 participants ready to help out.

Besides giving the chance to test the lessons learned – live and without risk – the priority in secunet trainings is to tackle the practical issues. Techniques taught in the trainings (such as attacks on Active Directory structures or web portals) are performed in a similar way to the secunet pentests. And because all trainers have many years of experience as technical analysts, pentesters and forensic analysts, they can also answer all questions concerning the specific content being taught.

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