Revolutionary hub for IIoT data at the edge

Cybus and secunet join forces

Revolutionary hub for IIoT data at the edge

Industrial companies need a secure and reliable edge computing layer for the digitalisation of their Industry 4.0 factories and Critical infrastructures. To develop such a solution, Germany's leading cybersecurity company secunet has joined forces with the Hamburg-based innovation leader for industrial data exchange Cybus.

Together, they provide manufacturing companies and operators of Critical  Infrastructures with secure and reliable hubs for their data in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and at the edge of infrastructures. For this purpose, secunet has classified the Cybus Connectware software as a functionally validated component of the secunet edge ecosystem. Customers use the secunet edge platform in combination with Cybus Connectware to comprehensively, conveniently and securely digitalise the heterogeneous pool of machinery of entire production lines and production sites. A wide variety of data is collected on site via heterogeneous protocols and fed into the corporate IT environment in a harmonised and needs-based manner. The new secure hub for data preparation and management established by the cooperation between Cybus and secunet is particularly useful in Industry 4.0 applications: Wherever decentralised processing of sensitive data is indispensable.

The key drivers for choosing a combined secunet and Cybus solution are the flexible decentralised scalability and management of the overall solution. This includes seamless integration into agile approaches and cloud infrastructures, as well as the highest security through hardening and security-by-design. There are also the advantages of edge computing: Data is processed at the place where it is generated according to demand. This is coupled with advantages in terms of latency and bandwidth, which make many applications – such as real-time traceability – possible in the first place.

Advantages of decentralised data management

Decentralised edge computing makes it easier for operators to digitalise entire factories – even as a retrofit. That is why they look for solutions that can be deployed quickly and are universally scalable. If they also want to avoid patchwork in large installations, they make themselves independent of specific communication protocols – both in terms of operational technology (OT) within the industrial field and in terms of office IT within the company. The newly created service portfolio by secunet and Cybus is a solution platform that was developed specifically for this need: "We simply pull a general-purpose IoT data management layer into the enterprise IT stack to conveniently bring data from the shop floor into the IoT app and business IT environment. This also works in large and virtual factories and for a wide variety of data and data formats," explains Peter Sorowka, Managing Director at Cybus GmbH. "However, the connection of OT to IT creates new vulnerabilities. Therefore, secure solutions, such as secunet edge with the associated comprehensive and scalable security features, are also needed for this layer."

"Cybus Connectware generates an IoT data management layer as the key core function of digitalisation, which is exactly what secunet edge was developed to implement as an exceptionally secure edge computing platform," explains Frank Sauber, Head of Sales & Business Enablement, Industry Division at secunet Security Networks AG. "Not only medium-sized and large industrial companies, but also the automotive industry with its global operations, want full control over their own data. We ensure this by certifying solutions such as Cybus Connectware for use on our secunet edge total solution. The required parts are building blocks of the secunet edge modular system, which was developed to introduce secure edge computing solutions quickly and efficiently. Machine and plant manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators and IT departments benefit from market-ready solutions with which they can design their company-wide computing level for maintenance and control tasks as well as for new business models according to their needs and - as to expect from secunet - with emphasis on security."

Functions in detail

The secunet edge platform with Cybus Connectware offers customers an application-ready solution platform with industrial long-term availability on a platform that is designed and certified for use in harsh environments. Thanks to mounting solutions for VESA brackets, top-hat rails and 19-inch racks, the edge system solution can be installed right where the data originates from. Users operate Cybus Connectware in a trusted environment with hardened components for easy, accurate and, above all, controlled secure data access. Thanks to encapsulated containers, applications are rolled out, exchanged, recycled and maintained in a scalable manner and protected in a very focused way.

The secunet-Cybus bundle currently supports more than 20 protocols at fieldbus and shop floor level – from the connection of simple analog or digital I/Os and serial interfaces to fieldbus and industrial Ethernet variants such as CAN, Modbus/TCP and Profibus, and of course OPC-UA. Proprietary protocol support is also provided for Beckhoff, Fanuc FOCAS, Allen-Bradley, Heidenhain and Siemens SIMATIC S7 installations, and others. Further communication protocols are implemented on a project basis. Integration into existing IT and OT infrastructures is possible via LAN, USB, COM and CAN, and soon also wirelessly. HTTP/REST, MQTT and VRPC, web sockets and others are all supported on the IT end. Supported databases are InfluxDB, MSSQL and SQL.

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