Ransomware – Greetings from Bitterfeld

Ransomware – Greetings from Bitterfeld

Ransomware attacks are taking place more and more frequently. Just recently, the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld was hit and could not offer the customary services to its citizens for entire weeks. Citizens could neither apply for identity cards nor register, de-register or re-register a motor vehicle. They could not even apply for social benefits. 

That cannot happen to us? 

Sure, it can, if effective measures have not been taken in advance.

From raising awareness for all IT users, introducing emergency management structures with related technical measures (such as backup concepts and regular recovery tests), running attack detection systems, separating data from network access, implementing secure client systems (even in the home office), as well as performing regular testing through penetration tests.

A variety of measures can be implemented. 

It is important that the individual measures interact with each other. Coordinated packages make sense in this regard. 

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