Industry News Q3 2021


The sixth issue of our “Industrial Security” newsletter secunet Security Networks AG is ready. The success story of secunet goes on. 

The IT Security Act 2.0. (IT-SIG 2.0) was adopted in May 2021. We had already written in previous issues of our newsletter on what this means in detail for companies and users. secunet monitor offers the right attack detection solution for operators of Critical infrastructures or other critical security systems and networks. An increasingly widespread type of attack on IT and OT networks takes place by means of ransomware. And this kind of attack can affect anyone, because it really isn't so much about theft, but rather about damage and extortion. Be prepared!

As a highlight in this issue, we would like to introduce a new member of secunet Security Network AG. The Hanover-based company stashcat has been part of the secunet family since the first half of 2021. stashcat enriches our portfolio with stashcat messenger – a secure alternative to conventional messenger services. 

Besides our own products and services, even partnerships play an important role and are necessary in the modern world of IT and OT. Learn more about secunet's collaboration with Hamburg-based Cybus in the field of digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Combined with secunet edge, it forms a holistic overall solution for use in production and industry.

Enjoy the read! Keep well!

Frank Sauber
Head of Sales and Business Enablement
Division Industry
secunet Security Networks AG

Frank Sauber Head of Sales and Business EnablementDivision Industry secunet Security Networks AG