secunet monitor

IT/OT security monitoring solution

secunet launches IT/OT security monitoring solution secunet monitor


secunet is strengthening its solution portfolio with the IT/OT security monitoring solution secunet monitor. This is based on the finally safe GmbH Advanced Security Analytics Platform (ASAP) solution, which secunet acquired in full and realigned at the end of 2019, as well as additional functions for efficient deployment.

secunet monitor for the protection of IT/OT networks

IT/OT convergence makes it important to protect IT and OT networks holistically and enable trouble-free and smooth operation. Special attention must also be paid to critical infrastructures, which are increasingly exposed to the threats of professional attacks due to IT/OT convergence. In response to the protection needs of IT and OT networks as well as KRITIS companies and operators of system-relevant infrastructures, secunet has expanded its solution portfolio with the secunet monitor solution.

Realignment and functional expansion

Due to the progressive integration of OT networks into IT, IT managers are faced with the challenge of now having to understand and manage OT in addition to IT. The core of secunet monitor is the IT security monitoring solution ASAP, which has been realigned and expanded since the acquisition. For example, asset detection and management have been integrated, as well as a facility for reconciling policy compliance, e.g. from third-party manufacturers or service providers. The ability to integrate third-party tools has also been expanded in order to build an ecosystem around secunet monitor.

The result is a modular solution for network analysis, anomaly and attack detection for IT and OT, continuous vulnerability and compliance monitoring, and state-of-the-art prevention. The standard purely passive network sensors are particularly suitable for critical OT environments due to their non-reactive nature. However, by combining them with secunet edge, a hardened hardware for securing machines, IoT and edge computing, active interventions can also be made on request and through individual settings, e.g. to prevent unauthorized communication in the secunet edge firewall. The range of functions is rounded off by reporting, in which current vulnerabilities are aggregated and prepared for management purposes, thus providing the CISO and other managers with an important basis for decision-making based on the measured, current security status.

A closer link with secunet edge is also planned for the next release in October 2020. This means that secunet edge systems can be managed centrally via secunet monitor and the respective firewalls can also be configured. In addition, there will be a firewall training mode that will help you set the respective firewall rules for your machines with high security and efficiency through a combination of network monitoring and central settings.

Generation of an IT security situation picture

secunet monitor can generate an IT security situation picture via passive, distributed sensors in your network to quickly identify potential security incidents, evaluate them and shut them down before an attacker can exploit them. It is therefore important to know your own network, the devices and their respective configurations and to keep them up to date through continuous monitoring. In this context, secunet also offers the service of bringing transparency to your network environment and initially having an IT security situation picture created by secunet monitor and our IT security consultants, as well as support in the creation and implementation of strategies and measures.

Do you have questions about secunet monitor, would you like a PoC (Proof of Concept) or would you like to receive an IT security status report on your network? Please do not hesitate to contact us!