High-Performance Products and Comprehensive Know-How for Freedom and Security

The Homeland Security division supports government security agencies in protecting the public and the state from crime and terrorism as well as civil aid and disaster relief organisations providing technical and humanitarian aid.

Security organisations in all sectors operate IT-driven systems and increasingly rely on digital processes to perform their tasks. IT security is an essential part that must be ensured. The Homeland Security division offers customised, holistic and intelligent IT security solutions on a national and international scale.

These include high-performance, future-proof products, customer-specific developments and highly specialised expertise, focusing on solutions and infrastructures for

  • high quality capturing and processing of biometric data
  • stationary, mobile and automated border control
  • highly secure stationary and mobile workstations
  • mobile identification checks and verification used in modern police work
  • accomplishing highly secure police networks with top performance
  • digital, cross-agency collaboration on classified documents and sensitive data

Key clients in Germany include almost all major federal and state security agencies, specifically the Federal Police and the Federal Office for Information Security. Government authorities of other states, such as the Czech Republic, Norway, Iceland and Austria, as well as international organisations also rely on the holistic, state-of-the-art and highly secure solutions with German engineering “made by secunet”.