IT Security Partner of the Armed Forces

The armed forces, military authorities and organisations have a particularly strong need to protect the confidentiality of their data. Their spectrum ranges from national and international to mission-related classified data. Intelligent IT security architectures are crucial for efficient, needs-based provision and processing of this data. This applies in particular to the basic IT-based troop operations, military command information systems, vehicle and on-board networks as well as multinational mission networks with mobile tactical system components.

Based on many years of experience and the in-depth understanding of customer-specific requirements, the Defence Division of secunet supports military customers - focusing on encryption and cyber security - consultatively, conceptual and with system integration, as well as with application-based research & development services.

Cryptography and cyber security are relevant to national security interests. SINA, the cryptographic architecture developed jointly with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for national and international high-security customers, enables the secure processing, storage, transmission and verification of classified information up to and including German national SECRET, NATO SECRET and SECRET UE/EU SECRET. The extensive product spectrum ranges from different cryptographic clients to IPsec gateways and Ethernet encoders. The integrated system network SINA Workflow, also part of the SINA product portfolio, is the first CI registry approved for German national SECRET classification.

More than 100,000 SINA systems installed worldwide document a high level of acceptance in the national and international market. SINA H components characterize today's IP crypto backbone of the German Federal Armed Forces - both on the client side and on the network side. Since 2016, the mobile SINA Workstation S has been introduced as an all-in-one solution for VIP-RAS users at the German Federal Ministry of Defence, where it is experiencing high user satisfaction.

Security technologies from the fields of network monitoring (cyber defence), digital identity and biometric security solutions complete the range of services. The focusing of new focal points and the further growth of existing service modules are carried out in close cooperation with the German Federal Armed Forces.