secunet security infrastructure – we protect critical infrastructures

Above all, digitisation means networking and automation: Whereas physical infrastructure used to be crucial for the smooth operation of critical assets and systems, the focus now lies on the digital orchestration of equipment, employees, external specialists, suppliers, partners and customers. The constant modernisation of equipment and devices as well as the associated use of new technologies in automation processes increases the dependence on information and communication technology. With regard to IT security, digitisation faces familiar and novel challenges that have already been tackled well.

Full control for digital utilities

Now more than ever, it is imperative to provide a resistant IT infrastructure for mission-critical processes. IT security must keep up with the constant need for network connectivity and bring together isolated solutions, heterogeneous system environments, various classified networks as well as appropriate end devices and users. secunet security infrastructure (ssi) provides several components, including encryption and network separation techniques approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), to establish a unified security ecosystem for critical networks and systems. 

secunet security infrastructure – crucial for critical networks

An ecosystem for secure networking and separation of critical networks. The aim is to isolate separated networks across sites and connect them to the "outside world" – manufacturers, service providers, project partners – via secure gateways and quarantine systems. At the same time, the established perimeter and protection devices in the network can be monitored intelligently and automatically in real time.

The services provided by the secunet security infrastructure are based on generally applicable technical security architectures that are universally implemented in various industries. Both classic IT and industrial networks are served with appropriate individual characteristics.