Secure communication with the right contact person

For secure communication, each of the communication parties must be able to check

  • with whom he/she is communicating,
  • whether the communication is legitimate and
  • whether the exchanged information is genuine.

In this respect, an identity is required not only for every person, but also for every machine and in future, possibly even for every date.

secunet offers products, solutions and services that facilitate the establishment of secure communication. The handling of certificates has been in secunet's DNA since its founding. We not only assist you in implementing and running standard-compliant solutions in accordance with eIDAS (formerly known as SigG), such as mass signatures, seals or the company-wide implementation of a PKI infrastructure including single sign-on, but we also offer products that enable secure communication (e.g. the eHealth connector for telematic infrastructures) and solutions for identifying machines in critical infrastructures.