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secunet launches secure industry 4.0 solution for the international market

[Essen/Germany, 12 April 2019] secunet launches the innovative secunet edge solution for the international market at the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference in Singapore (16-18 April 2019).

Networked sensors, machines and systems in industry 4.0 increase complexity, but at the same time form new attack vectors for cyber criminals and thus increase the risk of system errors or even failures. Machines therefore require comprehensive protection against external influences, but should open up to increase connectivity. The secunet edge solution meets precisely this seemingly paradoxical requirement. Like a protective cover, secunet edge wraps itself around the machine and decouples its life cycle from that of the IT environment.

secunet edge secures machines at the edge of the network and thus isolates them from the Internet. The data flows are controlled between defined segments, as required by the protection requirements of the zones. At the same time, the solution enables the secure and problem-free connection of devices, machines or systems to internal and external IT services and IoT platforms and forms the central component of Remote Services for secure remote access scenarios. It combines the highest possible protection of the machine with cloud services and transparent access control.

secunet edge also equips all machines with their own unique hardware-based ID, which supports machine-specific quality assurance, monitoring and other applications such as product ID management. It also enables the collection and analysis of diagnostic data and an instrument for effective problem solving and efficient operator support.

The secunet solution, designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, ensures the highest possible level of IT security for the production environment and always keeps it up to date. The lifecycles of machine (very long) and IT security (very short) are completely decoupled. Ideally, each individual machine is protected by the approach of microsegmentation.

Integrated sensor functions guarantee fast anomaly detection and thus reliable security by continuously monitoring the information flows in real time. secunet edge was specially designed, developed and patented for industrial systems and environments.

"Our solution is currently being used by several customers worldwide and is available for testing in customer projects," explains Johan Hesse, Managing Director of secunet International GmbH & Co KG. "The solution guarantees IT and OT security without side effects and effects on machines, systems and production processes and offers a flexible and future-oriented platform for current and future application cases."

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