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it-sa 2019: secunet showcases IT security for state, industry and e-health

[Essen, Germany, 2 October 2019] In the digital world of 2019, IT security has become a basic requirement for many processes of the state, businesses and society. secunet's activities focus on all areas where digital security is a key issue. At the it-sa 2019 IT security trade fair in Nuremberg, secunet is presenting a broad spectrum of solutions for state and military organisations, security authorities, critical infrastructures, industry and healthcare.

The range of themes addressed by secunet at the it-sa trade fair clearly demonstrates the increasing tendency of today's IT security solutions to go beyond simply protecting existing IT infrastructures. For many digital offerings, security is an essential element of the overall solution. Without reliable technical security, online banking, e-commerce and Industry 4.0 are simply not possible. Companies and public authorities can only benefit from the opportunities that digitisation offers if they have a secure and trustworthy infrastructure.

Industry 4.0: networked yet secure
Industrial plant operators now need to network infrastructure elements on the internet, many of which were not originally designed for this purpose and are in some cases decades old. secunet solutions allow this to be done securely and efficiently. The secunet edge system wraps itself around a machine like a protective cover and decouples the machine's lifecycle from the IT environment. secunet edge also allows secure and problem-free connection of machines and systems to modern IoT platforms. Network traffic is monitored in real time and only desired access is allowed, such as for remote maintenance by service engineers. The solution therefore provides the basis for implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

SINA: when standard IT security is not enough
The SINA high-security architecture has been successfully used by public authorities and military organisations for many years to transfer and process particularly sensitive data. At it-sa 2019, secunet will showcase new client variants and an innovative solution for high-security telephony. The company's trade fair presentation will also focus on the SINA Workflow collaboration platform. This solution enables the handling of confidential information in a way which is comprehensively digital – on a policy-compliant basis and without any media disruption.

Homeland security: digital identity checking
For applications such as border control and identity verification, security authorities in Germany and Europe are increasingly using secunet technology. Among the solutions that the company will be showcasing at it-sa is the secunet bocoa mobile app, which allows mobile identity checks to be carried out on standard smartphones.

Automotive security: for the networked car of today and tomorrow
secunet is offering a tailored solution portfolio specifically for the automotive industry. A new feature is the secunet redbox. This tool allows manufacturers and suppliers to perform automated security tests of new control units as early as the development stage.

E-health: effective protection of healthcare data
The secunet konnektor allows medical practices, pharmacies and hospitals to connect securely to the German telematics infrastructure. secunet will demonstrate different variants for various application scenarios at it-sa.

SecuStack: secure cloud, made in Germany
Organisations with high security requirements currently face many hurdles when it comes to using cloud services. The security-hardened cloud platform SecuStack now allows these public authorities and companies access to the cloud. The technology comes from Germany and was developed in a joint venture between secunet and Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH.

Trade fair stand and talks
it-sa 2019 will take place from 8 to 10 October 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany. secunet is at Stand 10.0-210 in Hall 10.0. secunet speakers will be giving the following talks  (in German language) at the trade fair:

•    Tuesday, 8 Oct, 11.30 a.m. – Felix Friedrich:
"secunet redbox: automated security testing in an automotive context (Forum 11)

•    Tuesday, 8 Oct, 2.30 p.m. –    Dr. Kai Martius:
"Secure cloud computing – made in Germany" (Forum 11)

•    Wednesday, 9 Oct, 11.45 a.m.– Mustafa Alaa Eddine:
"Goodbye ISDN. Hello All IP." (Forum 11)

•    Wednesday, 9 Oct, 2.00 p.m. – Jens Kulikowski:
"Trusted platform at the edge – safeguarding the industrial internet" (Forum 11)

•    Thursday, 10 Oct, 10.00 a.m. – Carsten Hesse:
"Surfing without risk of infection – how the quarantine system makes this possible" (Forum 10.1)

it-sa is Europe's biggest IT security trade fair and one of the world's most important platforms for cloud, mobile, cyber, data and network security.

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