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SINA - Scalable Security for Maximum Demands

For the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), secunet developed the secure inter-network architecture which enables secure processing, storage and transmission of classified documents as well as other sensitive data. 

The product portfolio covers different gateways, line encryptors, clients and management systems which have been in use in the public sector, armed forces and companies handling classified information for many years. Selected SINA components are approved for processing and transmitting classified documents up to and including the classification levels SECRET, NATO SECRET and SECRET UE.

The Federal Government of Germany entrusts SINA with its most secret data and uses products from the SINA family in many areas for the purpose of securing communication.

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SINA products at a glance


As a VPN gateway, the SINA L3 Box is a core component of the central IT infrastructure in “Classified” level networks. On the one hand, it connects private networks belonging to public authorities or companies via public networks, the Internet in particular. [...]



Supplementing the SINA L3 Box active at network layer 3 (IP), SINA L2 Boxes enable a secure exchange of information between networks at network layer 2. [...]

SINA One Way

The SINA One Way is a black/red gateway. It allows data transfers in only one direction.   [...]

SINA One Way

SINA Workstation

The SINA Workstation is a fat client with a cryptographic file system and IPSec-protected communication. Protected by a VPN tunnel, the SINA Virtual Workstation communicates with server areas or terminal server areas.  [...]

SINA Tablet S

The SINA Tablet S enables users in business and in authorities be both ultra-mobile and highly secure outside of the of office. The level of security is a first for tablet PCs and fullymatches that of the established, approved SINA Workstation notebooks. [...]

SINA Tablet S

SINA Terminal

The SINA Terminal is a flexible VPN client without a hard drive for flexible stationary or mobile use for communication with terminal servers via so-called Remote Desktop Protocols.  [...]

SINA Management

SINA Management allows for flexible configuration of the network’s individual SINA components. The management system can be installed either on a SINA Management PC – stand alone – or installed, hierarchised and distributed, on several servers. The corresponding versions of SINA Management software are released by the BSI. [...]

SINA Management

SINA Workflow

The SINA Workflow system solution guarantees secure, thorough and compliant implementationof individual business processes involving classified information and othervaluable documents. SINA Workflow comes into effect when drafts are being drawn up,protecting data throughout the entire lifetime to destruction. This modular system solutionalso supports the import and export of classified data and is prepared for exchangingclassified data across all domains. [...]

SINA Workflow

secunet training center

Get to know SINA in detail and put the whole potential of this technology to use for your public office or company. We train you and your employees as SINA specialists at our secunet training center in Dresden. Our modular SINA workshops familiarise you completely with our products and provides practical exercises to convey professional usage. 

SINA Trainings


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