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Processing Confidential Documents

SINA - Secure Inter-Network Architecture

In conjunction with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), secunet has developed SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture), a security architecture that guarantees the protection of variously classified data. SINA enables secure processing, storage, transmission and verification of classified documents and sensitive data. The product range includes various clients, gateways and line encryptors, SINA Workflow and SINA Management. All the SINA products have been used by national and international customers for years.
SINA is the only IP-based encryption system for processing and transmitting confidential documents to be approved by the BSI up to the highest national security level (TOP SECRET). Selected SINA components have been approved up to and including SECRET, NATO SECRET and EU SECRET.

Processing confidential documents

The requirement to protect information can be formally monitored in various ways. Documents are ranked in security levels or classes according to their protection-worthiness. Such access control is principally used for non-disclosure, hence for ensuring the confidentiality of information. Users can be allocated different security levels in the same way. A person may then access data if their security level is at least as high as the confidentiality level of the document. This type of access control is principally used in national institutions and with the military, as defined in Germany for example by the General Administrative Regulation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on material and organisational safeguarding of confidential documents (classified statement). However, in many companies the classification of sensitive data is part of the communication process.

SINA Workflow

Secure Workflow System for Classified Information (CI)



High Security for Classified Documents - Made in Germany