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Biometricsand official documents comprehensively handled

Biometrics and official documents comprehensively handled

secunet is one of the leading companies in the biometrics and official documentation sector. Working in close collaboration with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for a number of years, secunet biometrics experts have been developing products that comply with modern standards are internationally recognised as a reference implementation. These include the Golden Reader Tool (GRT) and secunet biomiddle. We are also continuing to work intensively as part of a transatlantic team, collaborating on future technologies such as vein biometrics and developing established tools such as the NFIQ algorithm. 

Biometrics has become internationally established as a reliable digital form of personal identification. From the very beginning, secunet biometrics solutions have proved their worth in the modern identity documentation sector and are used in practice thousands of times every day. secunet biometrics experts have collaborated in the area of eIDs in all major standardisation bodies and today still represent the particularly practical view. They are continuously involved in the development of standards, technical specifications and interoperability tests for ID documents and systems. 

GRT, secunet GlobalTester, secunet biomiddle, secunet bocoa  or eID PKI Suite - all secunet biometrics and eID solutions:

  • make any application modular and highly secure
  • are of continuously high “made in Germany” quality
  • guarantee low total cost of ownership
  • are constantly compliant, hence flexible in use and globally interoperable
  • always contain the latest insights from standardisation bodies

Find out more about the comprehensive range of services and solutions here:  

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