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Traffic and Logistics

Not only the automotive industry is affected by the growing proportion of electronics and software in the vehicle and by the rise in networking. Means of transport such as planes, busses and trains as well as logistics on streets, waterways and rails are making increased use of the advantages of these new technologies.

The industry uses online systems, intelligent onboard networks and electronic control units to boost efficiency in terms of costs, environmental compatibility and reliability. Control of railcars and intelligent fleet management for the transport of freight and passengers are some examples.

In the area of traffic and logistics, the primary focus is on safety and security of the persons or goods being conveyed. For this reason, the software used in vehicles themselves must be reliably protected against manipulation and misuse. Suitable security mechanisms can be integrated into the software lifecycle as well as into the corresponding IT processes and landscapes in order to ensure the necessary protection.

In addition to the increased use of electronics and software, the networking of vehicles with the outside world is playing an increasingly important role. Networks within the vehicle communicate with external systems online. As is the case with traditional network security, vehicle networks have to be protected against unauthorised access and manipulated data. In the worst-case scenario, incorrect signal information in railcar control could lead to malfunctions in the railcar, for instance. In this situation as well, suitable security mechanisms ensure the system integrity of the vehicle and thus protect the passengers and valuables in transit.

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