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IT Securityprotects your company's assets


Innovation cycles that are becoming ever shorter and the trend towards personalised products require flexible, networked manufacturing systems. Modern information and communication technologies are therefore becoming more and more critical for production environments in the global competitive market. 

In the system landscape in factories, the inclusion of intelligent wireless sensor networks, mobile communication and control systems, self-learning industrial robots and ubiquitous computing systems is accelerating. This development presents managers with new challenges in terms of criticality and of the security of the data being processed and the networked equipment. Not least, technical information such as process operations and control logics, manufacturing data, product quality and equipment parameters are critical success factors in the competitive environment and so need protecting as much as the data on a company’s own client base.

However, the implementation of suitable security mechanisms, principally in the production periphery, requires well-founded knowledge and inclusion of the specifics of the manufacturing environment, processes and control mechanisms. 

With our practical experience in implementing complex IT security solutions in the manufacturing environment and our expertise in applied cryptography, we can support industrial companies in overcoming ICT-specific challenges in the conflicting area between level of security, investment and operability. Our range of services here extends from technology consultancy to operational support, including the following tasks:

Consulting Services

  • Development of strategies for the conception of IT-Security and data protection for industrial-, automation- or Smart Factory-projects
  • Analysis of values and risks, derivation of models (data models, protection classes,…)
  • Selection of technology / adaption of technology
  • Protection of communication in networked machineries, in process automation, at producation control systems, in communication with MES-, CAD, CAE- and ERP-Systems, for machine-to-machine- (M2M) –communication, remote maintenance connection and connection to control desks
  • Security of communication networks as Bus-systems and IP-based communication networks
  • Secure separation or isolation of communication networks e.g. through firewalls or data-diodes security of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), industrial-PCs, connectors, measuring systems, sensoric and SCADA-systems
  • Secure virtualization on the level of embedded devices, IT-components, consumer / mobile devices and communication networks
  • Implementing suitable security mechanisms for confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity (VIVA criteria) in development, manufacturing, sales and administration
  • Application of secure cloud-solutions
  • Support at establishing a security management on the basis of ISO/IEC 27001/27002
  • Utilization of IEC 62443 / ISA-99
  • Development of concepts: security concept, security-by-design, crypto-concept, desaster-recovery-concept, emergency management concept, concepts for secure operation, user- and authorization- concepts
  • Security audits & penetration tests for existing systems and their joins
  • Realization of an identity- and access-management (in combination with an asset-management)
  • Protection of control processes and –networks (local or remote)

Customized software development

Customized and secure solutions resp. platforms – fast and with latest software technology – for example for the following areas

  • Automatation
  • Smart Factory
  • Industry 4.0
  • Hardware- / software-based security (mobile) embedded systems (e.g. control units, network components, CE-Smart-Devices (Phones, Pads))
  • Smart Manufactoring
  • Smart Market
  • Portals

Therefore we use our specific know how for example in the area of cryptography for establishing encryption-, authentication- and signature solutions  

Integration of established secunet-solutions

  • Public-Key-Infrastructure solutions (PKI), as

    • Certificate Authority (Root-CA / Sub-CA)
    • Blocking-information-services (blocking lists, OCSP)

  • Key-Management-Systems (for symmetrical encryption solutions and specialized applications like function enabling, software update)
  • Crypto-libraries
  • Integration and management of securita modules in Cyber Physical Systems
  • High performance hardware security modules for example for establishing high performant and highly available TLS-Servers
  • Firewall-systems, data-diodes and intrusion-detection- / prevention-systems
  • Utilization of the qualified electronical signature on the basis of our certified and confirmed mass signature solution secunet multisign 
  • VPN-solutions for establishing highly secure communication in backend-systems
  • SINA-Business, e.g. as secure (remote access) client for accessing measurement- and controlling center systems / controlling desks
  • Secure enforcement of communications-politics inclusive secure virtualization of e.g. ACU (Application Control Unit)
  • Secure operation level in the area of embedded systems (TEE)


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