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Taking responsibilityfor the nation's IT Security

Federal Authorities

For the Federal Administration, IT security is of the highest significance based on the authority’s role as a governing national administrative body and “top guardian of the state”. The challenges are multifaceted, ranging from data protection – for example the protection of citizens’ data – to securing communication media and communication flows of the public authorities at home and abroad, up to guaranteeing internal security.  

For many years, the Federal Republic of Germany has been acting as a leader in the development of important security technology. One example is the introduction of the electronic passport (ePass), to the conceptualisation and standardisation of which Germany has contributed significantly. Large-scale projects such as 

  • “De-Mail” (secure emailing of documents and messages for citizens, businesses and public administrations),
  • “Umsetzungsplan Bund” (The “Action-plan for ensuring IT Security in Federal Administration” is the binding, internal IT security-regulation for the protection of information-infrastructures in all public authorities of the Federal Republic.) and
  • “Digitaler Behördenfunk” (Common digital radio communication network for Security Organisations and public authorities in Germany)

also pose important challenges to the Federal Authorities on a national level within the coming months and years.


High Security for Classified Documents - Made in Germany


secunet has been the security partner of the Federal German Republic for years and provides substantial experience in various fields of expertise. Securing internal and external communication of authorities with cryptographic software and hardware components is as much a part of secunet’s standard solutions as protecting complete process-chains in the area of e-government. Modern communication media are fully integrated so that employees of the authorities can access the internet securely, complying with every security requirement or the security classifications of data, respectively, both from their offices and from mobile workstations. These media can be certified according to the criteria set by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI, ISO 27001 based on IT security standards) upon request.  

These strict security requirements aim at protecting German citizens while, at the same time, strengthening their trust in technical applications of the federal authorities. 

secunet does not only help you to maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure, but also supports you in further developing projects of the highest technological demands while simultaneously optimising your processes.


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De-Mail: Easy as e-mail, secure as postal mail